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StyleFabric CollectionDesigner   In Store
Floral Dinosaur Kingdom Kate Mawdsley October 2021
Nature Dream Catchers Jane Allison September 2021
Traditional Farmhouse 108" Kim Diehl No Project May 2021
Valentine Novelty Gnomie Love Shelly Comisky November 2021
St Pat's Novelty Hello Lucky Andrea Tachiera November 2021
Quilt Backs Fanfare 108" Color Principle October 2021
Ditzy My Neighborhood Annie Downs September 2021
Novelty Next Stop is Home Leanne Anderson and Kaytlyn Kuebler September 2021
Flannel Scrappenstance 2-Ply Flannel Kim Diehl October 2021
Stripes Stitching Housewives Stripes Priscilla Blain October 2021
Novelty Unicorn Dreams Color Principle October 2021
Easter Novelty Bunny Tails Robert Giordano November 2021
Novelty Dinosaur Kingdom Kate Mawdsley October 2021
Traditional Bluebird of Happiness Janet Rae Nesbitt October 2021
Novelty Down on the Farm Lisa Sparling February 2021
Nature Frozen in Time Jan Mott July 2021
Novelty Gnomes for the Holidays Leanne Anderson & Kaytlyn Kuebler June 2021
Novelty Little Peepers 2- Ply Flannel Shelly Comiskey July 2021
Novelty Man Cave Ninette Parisi July 2021
Geo Mid-Century Modern Color Principle No Project August 2020
Ditzy Nana Mae V Henry Glass Fabrics March 2021
Novelty Noah's Story Delphine Cubitt August 2021
Floral Scarlet Stitches and White Linen Color Principle June 2021
Novelty Signs from Above Salt Meadow Studios August 2021
Novelty Sunset Rodeo Andrea Tachiera June 2021
Novelty Tradition Continues II Jan Shade Beach July 2021
Novelty Welcome Winter Barb Tourtillotte July 2021
Holiday All for Christmas Anni Downs May 2021
Traditional Blessings from Home Janet Rae Nesbitt April 2021
Holiday Christmas Legend Bruce Park LLC May 2021
Holiday Farmhouse Christmas Kim Diehl May 2021
Holiday Festival of Lights Athena Art Studios May 2021
Halloween Glow Ghosts Shelly Comsikey April 2021
Harvest Hello Fall! Hannah West April 2021
Halloween Here We Glow Delphine Cubitt April 2021
Holiday Holiday Botanical Jane Shasky May 2021
Holiday Holiday Lane Jan Shade Beach May 2021
Winter I Love Sn'Gnomies Shelly Comiskey June 2021
Holiday Jacobean Joyeux Color Principle May 2021
Novelty Peace Love and BBQ Emily Dumas March 2021
Harvest Pumpkin Harvest Color Principle April 2021
Quiltbacks Starburst 108" Color Principle No Project June 2021
Novelty Teddy's America Robert Giordano March 2021
Novelty Wild and Free Jessica Mundo March 2021
Winter Elegance Andrea Trachiera June 2021
Nature Yellowstone Jan Shade Beach February 2021
Traditional Scrap Happy Janet Nesbitt January 2021
Novelty Monkey Business Barb Toutillotte January 2021
Floral Midnight Sapphire Barb Toutillotte January 2021
Traditional Gratitude & Grace Kim Diehl December 2020
Floral Gossamer Garden Color Principle February 2021
Patriotic American Truckers Robert Girodano December 2020
Novelty Big Hugs Jonny Javelin November 2020
Novelty Gnome is Where Your Garden Grows Shelly Comiskey December 2020
Floral Just Lemons Jane Shasky December 2020
Basics Linen Closet II Janet Rae Nesbitt No Project January 2021
Traditional Scrap Happy Janet Rae Nesbitt Project To Come January 2021
Novelty Stay Wild Moon Child Debi Hron January 2021
Traditional Tarrytown Michelle Yeo December 2020
Holiday Easter Fun Helz Cuppleditch November 2020
Traditional Farm to Market Jan Mott October 2020
Traditional Folk Art Flannel IV Janet Rae Nesbitt September 2020
Floral Garden Inspiration Jane Alison November 2020
Holiday Heart & Soul Barb Tourtillotte November 2020
Holiday Pot of Gold City Art November 2020
Basics Priscilla's Pretty Plaids Priscilla Blain September 2020
Novelty Pups in the Garden Robert Giordano October 2020
Novelty Rescued and Loved Leanne Anderson and Kaytlyn Kuebler September 2020
Nature Woodland Valley Liza Bea September 2020
Nature Quilter's Flour II Henry Glass September 2020
Winter Winter Frost 2-Ply Flannel Jan Shade Beach July 2020
Winter Timber Gnomies Shelly Comiskey September 2020
Novelty Summer Night Soiree (Glow in the Dark) Salt Meadow Studios July 2020
Winter Snowy Woods Barb Tourtillotte July 2020
Novelty Sewing Mends the Soul Laura Claire August 2020
Winter Pine Cone Lodge 2-Ply Flannel Andrea Tachiera July 2020
Novelty Papa's Old Truck Leanne Anderson and Kaytlyn Kuebler August 2020
Novelty Numbers in the Jungle Lindsey Sagar August 2020
Ditzy Nana Mae IV Henry Glass June 2020
Novelty My Red Wagon Debbie Busby August 2020
Geometric Moraccan Red Barb Tourtillotte July 2020
Traditional Idaho Prairie Star Kim Diehl Project To Come July 2020
Quilt Backing Houndstooth Kaleidoscope 108" - Digital Color Principle No Project August 2020
Winter Flannel Gnomies 2-Ply Flannel Shelly Comiskey June 2020
Harvest Autumn is Calling Color Principle April 2020
Holiday The Tradition Continues Jan Shade Beach May 2020
Halloween Spooky Town Jennifer Allen April 2020
Winter Snowbird Barb Tourtillotte June 2020
Holiday Silent Night Color Principle May 2020
Traditional Plant Kindness Janet Rae Nesbitt April 2020
Holiday On the 12th Day Anni Downs May 2020
Traditional October Morning Kim Diehl April 2020
Traditional Moonshine Jan Mott April 2020
Patriotic Live Free Jessica Mundo April 2020
Holiday Hometown Holiday Sheri Hart May 2020
Holiday Holly Hill Christmas Mary Jane Carey May 2020
Holiday Holiday Heartland Jan Shade Beach May 2020
Novelty Fireside Kittens Bob Giordano May 2020
Floral Birds in Paradise Lisa Sparling June 2020
Novelty Be Wild Jessica Mundo March 2020
Halloween A Haunting We Will Glow Shelly Comiskey April 2020
Novelty All About The Bees Gail Pan January 2020
Traditional Best of Days Janet Rae Nesbitt January 2020
Geo Black, White & Red Hot Color Principle February 2020
Country Country Journey Jan Mott January 2020
Traditional Far Horizons David Schulz March 2020
Novelty Farm Raised Gail Green March 2020
Novelty Furr-Ever Friends 2S helly Comiskey December 2019
Novelty I Spy Dana Brooks February 2020
Novelty Live Love Meow Leanne Anderson February 2020
Floral Poppy Meadows Jane Shasky February 2020
Ditzy Tealicious Anni Downs January 2020
Floral Violet's Garden Mary Jane Carey February 2020
Geo Geo Topia Color Principle October 2019
Floral Hydrangea Birdsong Jane Shasky January 2020
Traditional Irish Blessing Janet Rae Nesbitt September 2019
Novelty Irish Folk Color Principle November 2019
Traditional Folk Art Flannel 3 Janet Rae Nesbitt October 2019
Novelty Love Letters Barb Tourtillotte November 2019
Geo Pearl Luxe 2 Pattern Wheel March 2020
Novelty Down on the Bunny Far Shelly Comiskey November 2019
Novelty Sew Let's Stitch Sandy Lee December 2019
Geo Smashing Atoms 108 Color Principle October 2019
Novelty Space Walk Shelly Comiskey October 2019
Floral Spiced Garden Mary Jane Carey October 2019
Novelty Dino Mates Nidhi Wadhwa July 2019
Floral Apple Festival Jane Shasky February 2019
Floral Autumn Time Color Principle April 2019
Traditional Buttermilk Autumn Stacy West April 2019
Traditional Buttermilk Winter Stacy West May 2019
Novelty Celebrate Summer Dana Brooks March 2019
Holliday Christmas Elves Gail Pan May 2019
Novelty Coastal Paradise Barb Tourtillotte March 2019
Novelty Fireside Pups Bob Giordano May 2019
Halloween Ghostly Glow Town Shelly Comiskey April 2019
Halloween Hocus Pocus City Art Studio April 2019
Holiday Holiday Homestead Jan Shade Beach May 2019
Traditional Home is Best Janet Rae Nesbitt June 2019
Traditional Itty Bitty Yarn Dayes Janet Rae Nesbitt September 2018
Holiday Jolly Ole Soul Barb Tourtillotte May 2019
Novelty Land that I Love Color Principle March 2019
Novelty Live Within Your Harvest Leanne Anderson and Kaytlyn Kuebler April 2019
Ditzy Nana Mae 3 Henry Glass June 2019
Novelty Puppys & Pals Henry Glass February 2019
Traditional Sage & Sea Glass Kim Diehl March 2019
Holiday Snow Days Barb Tourtillotte June 2019
Traditional Blush & Blue Kim Diehl November 2019
Novelty Land of the Free Jane Alison Project to come November 2019
Novelty Liberty Star Kim Diehl Project to come September 2019
Ditzy Quilter's Flour Henry Glass No Project December 2019
Novelty Twilight Lake Andrea Tachiera December 2019
Novelty Whirly-Gig Magic Leanne Anderson & Kaytlyn Kuebler November 2019
Traditional Count your Blessings Color Principle August 2019
Novelty Start your Engines Bob Giordano July 2019
Novelty Shoe Love is True Love Kate Mawdsley August 2019
Novelty Peace in the Forest Helz Cuppleditch Project to come August 2019
Holiday Winter Whimsy 2 Shelly Comiskey July 2019
Holiday Winter Cottage Marcell Corti July 2019
Novelty Ain't Life a Hoot Phyliss Meiring December 2018
Novelty America the Beautiful Jane Alison January 2019
Geo/Floral Black, White & Citrus Color Principle November 2018
Floral Blue Dream Diannart December 2018
Novelty Busy Bees Nidhi Wadhwa September 2018
Traditional Butter Churn Basics Kim Diehl No Media Basics
Traditional Buttermilk Blossoms Stacy West February 2019
Halloween Chills & Thrills Glow Shelly Comiskey April 2018
Baby Cutie Tootie Barbara Jones January 2019
Novelty Day Dreamers Kate Mawdsley February 2019
Ditzy Down by the Veggie Patch Annie Downs November 2018
Novelty Down on the Bunny Farm Shelly Comiskey November 2019
Basic Folio Color Principle No Media Basics
Traditional Folk Art Flannel 3 Janet Rae Nesbitt Project to come October 2019
Geo Fresh & Fab Kim Diehl November 2019
Novelty Home Sewn Gail Pan November 2018
Basic Houndstooth Basic Leanne Anderson No Media Project to come Basics
Novelty Easter Parade Barb Tourtillotte November 2018
Geo Ebony & Onyx Kim Diehl June 2018
Novelty Fluffy Bunny Shelly Comiskey February 2018
Geo Helping Hands Kim Diehl December 2019
Novelty Handmade with Love Paula Joerling March 2019
Holiday Home for Christmas Anni Downs May 2019
Novelty Knit Chicks Jody Houghton January 2019
Novelty Land of the Free Jane Alison November 2019
Novelty Liberty Star Kim Diehl September 2019
Traditional Linen Closet Janet Rae Nesbitt No Media No Project Basics
Novelty Love Letters Barb Tourtillotte November 2019
Novelty Love Struck Shelly Comiskey November 2018
Basics Modern Melody Basics First Blush Studio Basics
Novelty My Favorite Trucks Pattern Wheel October 2018
Novelty My Sunflower Garden Jane Shasky October 2018
Novelty Peace in the Forest Helz Cuppleditch Project to come August 2018
Floral Petals go Round Angela Lawrence January 2019
Geo Radiance 108 Color Principle No Project July 2018
Holidays Ring in the Holly Days Mary Jane Carey July 2018
Novelty Rodeo Roundup Beth Logan March 2018
Novelty Sew Let's Stitch Sandy Lee December 2019
Holidays Sheltering Snowman Barb Tourtillotte July 2018
Holidays Sing a Song of Christmas Mary Jane Carey No Project May 2019
Geo Smashing Atoms 108 Color Principle October 2019
Novelty Spacewalk Shelly Comiskey October 2019
Floral Spiced Garden Mary Jane Carey October 2019
Traditional Spiced Paisley 108 Kim Diehl No Media No Project December 2018
Novelty Spring Awakens Debi Hron February 2019
Novelty Spirit of America Stacy West December 2017
Novelty Sweet Tweet and Bunny Color Principle January 2019
Floral Tickled Pink Janet Rae Nesbitt January 2018
Novelty Wine Night Mary Beth Baker November 2018
Novelty Winter Wonderland Annie Downs May 2019
Basics Whimsy Basics Color Principle No Project Basics
Geo Zebra Skins Digital 108 Color Principle No Project January 2018
Traditional Wit and Wisdom Kim Diehl December 2018
Novelty Woodland Haven Jan Shade Beach June 2019
Floral A Peaceful Garden Mary Jane Carey No Project April 2020
Novelty All You Need is Love and a Dog Beth Logan of ArtStuff Ltd March 2020
Novelty Best Friends Farm Kate Mawdsley April 2020
Novelty Blessings Jane Alison March 2020
Novelty Calming Tides Jessica Mundo January 2020
Floral Dragonfly Garden Color Principle No Project April 2020
Traditional Esther's Heirloom Shirtings Kim Diehl No Project December 2019
Novelty Monster Trucks Pattern Wheel February 2020
Novelty Spash 108" Color Principle No Project February 2020
Floral Spiced Paisley 108" Kim Diehl No Project December 2019
Novelty Star Spangled Summer Andrea Tachiera February 2020
Nature Backyard Happenings Gail Pan February 2021
Plaid Chelsea Checks Chelsea Carter and Priscilla Blain No Project February 2021
Novelty All You Need is Love and a Cat Beth Logan January 2022
Novelty Bee You! Shelly Comiskey December 2021
Floral Bloomin' Poppies Jan Mott December 2021
Novelty Great American Summer Emily Dumas December 2021
Novelty Happy Valley Farms Bella Coca Studios January 2022
Floral Lavender Garden Jan Shasky December 2021
Floral Lille Michelle Yeo January 2022
Floral Pink Paradise Jane Shasky January 2022
Novelty Prima Ballerina Color Principle December 2021
Tonal Quilter's Flour III Henry Glass Fabrics No Project December 2021
Floral Renaissance Garden Mary Jane Carey December 2021
Novelty S'More Fun Outdoors Leanne Anderson and Kaytlyn Kuebler December 2021
Novelty Spring is in the Air Hannah West January 2022
Traditional Time Well Spent Janet Rae Nesbitt of One Sister Designs No Project January 2022
Novelty Trendy Meadows Evamarie Ryan January 2022
Novelty You Are Loved Dawn Rosengren January 2022