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  • Designer Spotlight - Stacy West


     Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin



    Stacy is a "make it happen" girl. She comes from humble beginnings and worked her way to being a respectful designer in numerous mediums. She is an artist at heart and is not afraid to step out of the box & try new things. She has designed rubber stamps, licensed her designs in the gift industry, and designed logos & identity systems for various shops in the past. She does not believe in failures... only learning lessons! She is inspired and most importantly, driven.

    The Fox Homestead Quilt by Becky Sue

    Stacy was a Martha Stewart American Made finalist, making it to the top 3 in the US in 2015, reaching almost 100,000 votes.

    She designs, on average 100+ designs a year in various mediums including cotton, wool & fiber. Each month she releases between 7-10 at her shop, providing the customers with new designs/kits to purchase each month. Then the patterns go directly to the reps, to offer them to their customers.


    She has been featured in various magazines including Simply Vintage, Quilt Mania, Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications, The Wool Street Journal, Primitive Quilts & American Patchwork & Quilting. Her Bringing Home the Tree recently graced the cover of Keepsake Quilting, selling over 500 blocks of the months for them.



    Autumn Spice

    Image by Amy Simmonds


    Buttermilk Basin 'gives back' to her customers with a FREE MYSTERY BOM. She currently has almost 1000 customers purchasing the kits monthly, with many other simply downloading the pattern. Her company is established both online & brick and mortar, and she sells her designs both wholesale & retail. She recently opened Buttermilk Basin, a 2,200 square foot shop where she hosts workshops, events & offers a variety of mediums including wool, cottons, yarn dyes, fibers, patterns & kits to her customers.


    Stacy travels & teaches nationally on a regular basis to established quilt shops She also brings in women from around the country (as far as Australia) to her WOOLSTOCK event which is a bi-yearly 3 day event held at the shop. She is the only teacher that teaches 2 days workshops, 1 day of 'make-it take-its' along with a trunk show, evening party, and more. She hopes to continue to grow this event and offer it 4 times a year.




     Memories in Redwork Quilt by Cara Cansler


    Besides working as a designer in the quilting industry {which truly is her DREAM job}, Stacy is passionate about her family, her five cats, and all things vintage. Her husband, George, and their two lovely daughters, Hannah and Grace are her truest inspiration and the core of Buttermilk Basin. Each of them continues to play a role on the team! The cats—Wilma, Oliver, Bella, Oscar, and Henry—offer moral support from home.


    If you’re a fan of Stacy’s work, know that she LOVES to hear about YOU! Tell her about your FAVORITE medium to work in with and of course, SHARE YOUR BUTTERMILK BASIN FINISHES!


    Instagram: Buttermilk Basin


    Facebook: Buttermilk Basin





     Click the Images below to see Stacy West's most recent collections:

















  • Hat on a Cat Block of the Month

    by Leanne Anderson and Kaytlyn Kuebler 

    Hat on a Cat seasonal cat panel (836P-04) can be made into either 12 mini quilts that can be hung on an "I Love Cats" Ackfeld hanger (available through The Whole Country Caboodle) or as a BOM where all 12 mini quilts are sewn together as one large quilt. There are 2 versions of the "Hat on a Cat" BOM Quilt, one with a border stripe and one without. The "Hat on a Cat" BOM is offered as a 13-month program. Each month comes as a separate pattern to make the stand-alone mini quilt or to be used in Month 13 which includes finishing instructions for the BOM quilt options.

    The BOM patterns are free when you order the entire collection. Fill out the BOM order form when you place your order and The Whole Country Caboodle will send you the link to download the pattern. If you decide to not purchase the entire line you can still purchase the pattern from The Whole Country Caboodle.


    Contact Leanne Anderson with questions at or call 641-435-2559.


    Click here for a list of Participating Shops



    Version 2
    69 ½” x 82”(176.53 cm x 208.28 cm)hat-on-a-cat-bom-quilt-02.jpg

    Version 1
    50 ½” x 63”(128.27 cm x 160.02 cm)hat-on-a-cat-bom-b-02.jpg

    Month 1
    10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

    Month 2
    10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

    Month 3
    10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

    Month 4
    10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

    Month 5
    10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

    Month 6
    10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

    Month 7
    10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

    Month 8
    10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

    Month 9
    10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

    Month 10
    10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

    Month 11
    10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

    Month 12
    10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)
  • SIY-Sew It Yourself


    Sew It Yourself™ is a Jaftex Corporation program that aims to inspire, motivate and educate to grow sewing confidence. The goal is to build a community of support for sewists of all skill levels, especially beginners, by offering free, fun, easy-to-make projects, tips and tricks, and encouraging dialogue using #SIYSewItYourself online. Click here to make a free project today!