Hat on a Cat Block of the Month

by Leanne Anderson and Kaytlyn Kuebler 

Hat on a Cat seasonal cat panel (836P-04) can be made into either 12 mini quilts that can be hung on an "I Love Cats" Ackfeld hanger (available through The Whole Country Caboodle) or as a BOM where all 12 mini quilts are sewn together as one large quilt. There are 2 versions of the "Hat on a Cat" BOM Quilt, one with a border stripe and one without. The "Hat on a Cat" BOM is offered as a 13-month program. Each month comes as a separate pattern to make the stand-alone mini quilt or to be used in Month 13 which includes finishing instructions for the BOM quilt options.

The BOM patterns are free when you order the entire collection. Fill out the BOM order form when you place your order and The Whole Country Caboodle will send you the link to download the pattern. If you decide to not purchase the entire line you can still purchase the pattern from The Whole Country Caboodle.


Contact Leanne Anderson with questions at or call 641-435-2559.


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Version 2
69 ½” x 82”(176.53 cm x 208.28 cm)hat-on-a-cat-bom-quilt-02.jpg

Version 1
50 ½” x 63”(128.27 cm x 160.02 cm)hat-on-a-cat-bom-b-02.jpg

Month 1
10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

Month 2
10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

Month 3
10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

Month 4
10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

Month 5
10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

Month 6
10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

Month 7
10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

Month 8
10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

Month 9
10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

Month 10
10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

Month 11
10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)

Month 12
10” x 18” (25.4cm x 45.72cm)