Hat On A Cat

Hat on a Cat is a new collection by Leanne Anderson and Kaytlyn Kuebler. This 12-piece collection features a 36” panel, a 24” continuous block design, a border stripe, a cat allover print, seasonal motifs, tossed hats, a patchwork design, a fish a bone allover, a pawprint floral toss and a word design. This year-round collection is brought together with a color palette of red, navy, blue, green, teal and ivory. You can tie everything together with Starry, Houndstooth, Bubble Dot and Bias Plaid Basics by Leanne. This group will keep you busy quilting all year during every season.

Leanne and Kaytlyn also offer a 13-month Hat on a Cat Block of the Month program which is free when you order the full collection. Click the link to find out more!

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by Leanne Anderson & Kaytlyn Kuebler