Mariakerke by Michelle Yeo was inspired by fabrics from 2 antique quilts from the 1830s and 1840s. Michelle purchased the quilts at the European patchwork meeting held in St. Marie aux Mines. Michelle attended the show with her friend, Françoise, who lives in Mariakerke in the city of Ghent. While at the show, Françoise and Michelle stayed in a family-owned hotel run by Marie-Rose. The name ‘Mariakerke’ was selected because of the ‘Marie’ theme throughout her trip that inspired this group. Mariakerke includes a stunning floral print inspired by chintz fabrics of the 1800s in three colorways with pink and teal flowers. The collection includes two of Michelle’s trademark serpentine prints, one that runs vertically and the other a diagonal serpentine floral. 

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Shipping February 2025

by Michelle Yeo