Moonbeams and Rainbows

The spark of the idea for “Moonbeams and Rainbows” was inspired by Kate’s idea of a unicorn surrounded by magical stories and fables. Her vision was to create a world where unicorns live in a magical land that is full of beautiful creatures and rainbow-colored fauna.

This collection offers a 24 inch panel, a 36 inch soft book project, a patchwork print, a border stripe, a small continuous block print, a tossed unicorn design and a rainbow print, a flying bird allover, a small star print, a multi colored stripe, a small floral design, a tree print and tossed allover bird prints. This collection is ideal for all the unicorn lovers out there. Surely, the sky is the limit to create a variety of projects with these fun prints. One can make a fast quilt, a wall hanging, a pillow case, a drawstring backpack, face masks and sew much more.


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by Kate Mawdsley