Born To Roar

"Let the world hear you roar," you are, "Roar-some!” Dinosaurs are usually portrayed as large scary creatures, but we want to show them as bright, cheerful, and full of life! Children can come home and be reminded that they are strong, brave, dino-mite, and were “Born to Roar!” This 11 piece collection features a 24” dinosaur panel, a 24” 4-block panel, a 36” book panel, an alphabet design, a blue/teal dino allover, a red/pink dino print, a border stripe, a tropical leaf design, a word print, and a dino track print. You can tie everything together with Starry, Houndstooth, Bias Plaid, and/or Bubble Dot Basics. We have added white and light brown to our Starry & Houndstooth Basics and white and red to our Bubble Dot Basics. The 4-block panel can be used as a stand-alone panel, cut and pieced into a quilt, cut out and framed into 11" x 14" frames or made into a collage using each of the blocks to decorate a child's room! This group will take your child to a whole new world of colorful dinosaurs that you will find absolutely “a-roar-able!”

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by Leanne Anderson & Kaytlyn Kuebler