Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Quilt Designs

Mary Jane Carey, owner of Holly Hill Quilt Designs, has been designing fabric for Henry Glass since 2012.  Over the years, she has become known for her garden-type collections.  That includes lines like Gentle Garden, Peaceful Garden and Renaissance Garden, to name a few.  These collections feature slightly muted shades of pink, sage green and blue helping to evoke an almost shabby chic feel.  Not to be a one trick pony, Mary Jane has also designed many other collections - Christmas, Halloween and collections featuring red and taupe designs come to mind.  

 Mary Jane has been quilting since 1970. In recent years, she has branched out into designing machine embroidery CD's and running a very large Facebook Sew-a-long aptly named Mary Jane & Friends.

Mary Jane lives in a town of 1,200 in Western Massachusetts.  She lives close to her 2 daughters, 2 grandsons and 1 great-grandson.  Most days, you will find her working in her 2nd story studio letting her creativity soar.  Life is good!  



Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Quilt Designs

Designer Collections

Twilight Garden Flannel,*Another Stroll Along the Seine,*My Victorian Garden