Gossamer Garden

Dragonflies and Butterflies flutter by on gossamer wings in a gorgeous collection of flowers, modern textures and medallions. Gossamer Garden truly is a spectrum of color. This range is illustrated in a watercolor technique and displays vibrant color. The natural textures and coordinates make great staples for your shop shelves. Check out the banner panel Patt.# 2647P-10 is a dramatic centerpiece for the free project Quilt #1 on the Henry Glass website. Make your quilt a banner or a larger bed-size project by building out with coordinating textures and sashing. We offer a second free project featuring the 15 different dragonfly and butterfly blocks Patt#2648-10 in a 24” x 44” repeat. This project shows how to use the coordinating medallion design Patt.# 2650 paired with the other coordinates in the collection framing each butterfly block, giving it a dramatic quality.

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by Color Principle