Gail Green

By age two I had already started a promising and versatile art career by creatively expressing my love for animals by drawing their likenesses on all available surfaces. Murals on freshly painted walls were among my first artistic expressions, much to the surprise of my parents. Eventually I was persuaded to limit my creative works of art to paper.

My formal art training began at the age of ten, when I received a scholarship to the Junior School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After graduating high school, I attended the College of Fine & Applied Arts (U of I-Champaign) and the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts where I majored in illustration. Over the years I explored many different mediums and surfaces, eventually developing a technique and drawing style that was uniquely my own.

Although I no longer express my creativity in the same style as I did when I was younger, I still get paint, ink and glitter on my face and fingers! The technique I use to create Sweet PE Tatoes® artwork is complex and the inspiration endless.

Ideas come from EVERYWHERE!

While working, I always have several happy (and sometimes crazy) Border Collies under my chair or snoozing on top of my feet. There are two Cockatiels nearby too; one who thinks he’s a dog and another who thinks dogs are meant for bareback riding. Their antics, along with those of animals and pets belonging to friends, neighbors and family offer unlimited inspiration and opportunities for creativity!

Gail Green

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