Karissa Schulten

Karissa Schulten is the surface designer and artist of Her and Hue. Her work brings the calm and beauty of nature indoors to your home and life through detailed illustrations and vibrant hues. All imagery is referenced from Karissa’s own photography, then illustrated in a variety of media including watercolor, gouache, and digital painting before being built into seamless repeat patterns and prints. 

You can find her working from her home studio, tending to her garden in the warm months, and exploring the world with her family. She is based out of the Chicago area with her husband, two free-spirited girls, and her dedicated pup, Luna. She studied art and education at The University of Illinois. Her passion for creating has bloomed into an art and illustration lifestyle brand, inspired by the beauty of the natural world.\

“Art and nature are rooted deeply in my core and my work finds life through my connection to nature. Digging my hands into the soil in my garden, breathing in the fresh air after a storm, hiking a new trail; it's from these moments that I draw my inspiration.”

Karissa is dedicated to creating and sharing her artwork with you and can’t wait to see what beautiful things you sew with her fabrics. Be sure to connect with her and share your amazing creations.




Karissa Schulten

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