Yellowstone by Jan Shade Beach is a line that Jan created from her time spent last fall at Yellowstone National Park. She took over 3,000 pictures and from those pictures she created the Yellowstone Collection. We hope that you feel like you took a trip there yourself when you are cutting and sewing these prints. There is a 24 inch panel showing a tranquil scene on the river with animals roaming, a tour bus taking in the sights and kayakers floating down the river. There is also a 24 inch repeat of approx. 8.5 inch blocks, featuring cabins, a lone eagle, a fox, a bear and other scenes from life in Yellowstone. Other coordinates include textures, soaring eagles, a pack of wolves, a map of the area, a rock texture and a buffalo allover. The monotone paw prints and textures give the line some quiet to showcase the focus prints.

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by Jan Shade Beach