Nidhi Wadhwa of Blue Fish Designs

When you meet Nidhi, she appears to be a soft spoken and petite package. But you'd soon realize that there's a storm of talent being veiled by the outside inherent goodness and strength of her character.

After a three year course in applied art, she proved herself. Within a short span she became a recognizable name and a self-made entrepreneur, embodying the 'rags to riches'? story.

From the girl who successfully sold handmade cards in her school years when branded cards ruled the market, here is a woman diving into endless possibilities venting her artistic aspirations. From instructing on national television, to designing paraphernalia for a concert, to highlighting the brand visibility at a car launch, she seems to always find some way to give illustrative and design interpretation to any venture.

Blue Fish Pvt. Ltd. is the result of grit, unbelievable talent and the hard work of one girl who dared to dream big and give a concrete image to her vision that got the world charmed. Started initially by Nidhi Wadhwa, as a studio for illustrations needed in children's books and the likes, Blue Fish has now diversified into a diaspora of every possible related spectrum needing aesthetic distinction. In business for over fifteen years now, having ties with many top publishing houses and satisfied clients in a vast foray of fields like textiles, home decor and furnishing, animation and stationery.

Nidhi likes to travel and especially trekking. Though a workaholic at heart, she eats, sleeps and dreams of her characters and derives maximum pleasure when laden with work.


Nidhi Wadhwa of Blue Fish Designs

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Dino-Mates,Busy Bees,Frogland Friends,Let’s Build!,Penguin Parade,Wish Upon A Star - Flannel


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