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Henry Glass & Co., Inc. is proud to add Jan Mott, author and owner of Crane Designs to our collective of licensors for Henry Glass fabrics. Jan grew up in rural upstate New York. She enjoyed a creative, nurturing environment provided by a family of artisans possessing various artistic talents including painting, sewing, and woodworking. Growing up a country girl, she found herself surrounded by natures landscape and wildlife. Naturally, the “Country Journey” fabric collection, was inspired by long country drives and musing of days past. Jan adapted a panoramic vision of the countryside in her banner style panel fabric. The fabric incorporates focal points that evoke memories of days past in rural America. This journey starts with the waking of spring featuring a babbling brook, sheep grazing and the old mill powered by a waterwheel to grind the grain. Next stop in our travels is a trip to the coast for a relaxing sojourn by the beach. The day is filled with gentle breezes off the ocean, watching sailboats skip across the harbor to the majestic lighthouse beaconing the safe crossing of visitors to the seaside village. Let’s top off the trip with ice cream while watching the dolphins putting on a magical performance. Fall approaches and the countryside is ablaze with fields of sunflowers, pumpkin patches as far as the eye can see. There is a wagon filled with pumpkins for children of all ages to carve their jack-o-lanterns and to bake yummy pumpkin pies. Our journey ends on a crisp snow-covered scene including a visit to the old country church. Enjoy a ride in a horse-drawn carriage and build a snowman. Also, then finally go inside for a cup of hot chocolate. Our journey has been a full year of fun with plenty of activity through the seasons. Thankfully, we have plenty of time to look forward to planning our next country journey in the new year. Clever coordinating tossed novelties, one for each season, and a bevy of basics help round out this offering. View a third Pillowcase project.


To read more about Jan visit the Designer Spotlight on the Henry Glass Blog.

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